Week in a Nutshell #30

Welcome to the thirtieth episode of the 'Week in a Nutshell’ series,

Tech giants had relatively a slow week following their Q2'2015 financial earning calls.


  1. Facebook Empowers Pages To Provide Customer Support Over Private Messages

Facebook Empowers Pages To Provide Customer Support Over Private Messages

Facebook shared that there are 40 million small businesses using Facebook Pages during its Q2'2015 financial earnings call and last week Facebook announced new features for Pages to make the Pages experience better for businesses. Now, businesses can communicate over private messages with their followers who have engaged with their ads or Page posts.

Businesses have been using Facebook Pages mainly for marketing and lead generation purposes. This new feature will enable businesses to provide customer support to their followers. Fast response time, up to a degree of instant response, has become a top consumer expectation for customer support organizations. Personally, I also prefer reaching out to businesses over Twitter or Facebook Pages rather than waiting on the customer support line for more than half an hour.

Facebook Pages provides a great alternative for those businesses that are not willing to invest in a proper website. With this new feature for Facebook Pages, I believe Facebook is trying to break a business' dependency on email while communicating with its customers. We'll see how businesses will utilize this new feature for Facebook Pages.

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