Week in a Nutshell #19

Welcome to the nineteenth episode of the 'Week in a Nutshell’ series,

It was a slow week in the tech world. Therefore, I had the chance to write about Lily drone this week.


  1. Lily drone camera overview

Lily drone camera overvie

It's been awhile since remote controlled drones first entered to our daily lives. I'm sure many of you have considered buying a drone after watching a high definition video shot by a drone on Youtube. I purchased a mini drone for $25 before making a greater investment in a more advanced drone and I'm very happy about my decision because I realized how hard it is to fly a drone. It was a short lived interest.

Lily is actually targeting this sweet spot in the drone market. Lily is a self controlled, autonomous, drone that can record 1080p videos and high quality still pictures by tracking you via the tracking device that you can keep in your pocket or wear on your wrist. I had doubts about Lily because of its childish looks but all my doubts were washed away after watching the promotional video below.

You can get a Lily drone for $500 if you pre-order it now but the retail price will be $1000 once its launched. I believe this is a good pricing strategy to measure the demand, test the price for a product-market fit and also generate extra funds for the product development process.

Tens of use cases for Lily come to my mind and I'm very excited to see what creative people will do with Lily. I'm mainly interested in having couple of Lilys to follow all the referees during a soccer match. I believe it would be an interesting point of view to watch a soccer game. I cannot wait to see that happen!

I'm also curious about how GoPro will respond to this.

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