Week in a Nutshell #13

Welcome to the thirteenth episode of the 'Week in a Nutshell’ series,

Facebook has generated a great momentum in product launches. Long-awaited HBO Now is launched and now available in Apple TV and iOS devices. Netflix will now have serious competition. Also, LinkedIn announced its largest acquisition so far.


  1. Facebook Launches Messenger for Web Browsers
  2. HBO Now Arrives On Apple TV, iPhone And iPad
  3. LinkedIn buys Lynda.com for $1.5 billion

Facebook Launches Messenger for Web Browsers

Facebook launched the stand alone web version of Facebook Messenger last week. Now, you can chat with your Facebook friends over Facebook Messenger on www.messenger.com without getting distracted by your Facebook News Feed.

I think Facebook might be encouraged by the performance of WhatsApp web version to launch the standalone web app version for Facebook Messenger. Alternatively, Facebook Messenger is evolving into a messaging platform so having a stand alone web app would be beneficial for this platform strategy to get more integration points for 3rd party applications and for businesses. 

HBO Now Arrives On Apple TV, iPhone And iPad

HBO Now launched last week and now it is available on Apple TV and iOS devices exclusively. Up until this launch, it was a must for you to have HBO cable subscription to be able to watch HBO shows online on different platforms such as HBO GO and Comcast Xfinity. HBO Now finally solves this problem by providing stand-alone subscription model which is very similar to Netflix.

I believe HBO and other cable networks in the US is very late to the online video streaming market. Netflix has been reaping the rewards of being the first player in this market for a while now. However, I believe HBO Now will be a serious competitor for Netflix. I believe that end users will benefit from this competition. I'm looking forward to HBO Now to be available on Android devices so that I can give it a try.

LinkedIn buys Lynda.com for $1.5 billion

I assume that you have heard at least one of these online learning platforms such as Udemy, Udacity, Coursera and EdX. If yes, then I can say that Lynda.com is like the ancestor of these platforms.

LinkedIn announced the acquisition of Lynda.com last week. This acquisition is LinkedIn's largest acquisition so far. I think LinkedIn will benefit from it in two areas. 

  1. New revenue stream: Lynda.com has already have a good monetization strategy over monthly subscription model. LinkedIn will definitely add this as new revenue channel in addition to LinkedIn premium membership, job listings and ads. I also expect to see Lynda.com monthly membership to be bundled within LinkedIn premium membership options.
  2. LinkedIn Verified certificates: I believe LinkedIn now has the chance to improve the effectiveness of a certificate that you get after completing an online course. Professionals want to list these certificates in their LinkedIn profiles but as of today there is no easy way for recruiters to verify that you have actually completed the course. LinkedIn can solve this problem by having a tight integration with Lynda.com platform and once you complete a course on Lynda.com then you would have this "LinkedIn verified certificate" available on your LinkedIn profile.

I believe reasons of Lynda.com acquisition is very similar to the LinkedIn's acquisition of SlideShare in 2012. Presentations have been a key element for a professional's identity and I believe continuous education and courses provided by the online learning platforms are also becoming more important for a professional.

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